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Beaded Halter Dress
(with Straight Skirt)

FAO Final Cut Isha is modeling a floor length autumn sunset halter style sheath dress made from 100% silk dupioni fabric. The bodice is adorned with hand sewn iridescent autumn sunset sequins and coordinating glass seed beads. Also included is a matching beaded clutch purse and belt with gold findings. This fashion is $55 which includes shipping costs to the US and Canada or $52 for fashion with standard style purse. An additional $2 will be added for international orders. This style can also be ordered without the beading and sequins for $45. Please specify when ordering if you want the dress to be fitted for articulated fashion royalty dolls or for silkstones. If you would prefer a knee-length or just below knee-length hemline please specify when placing your order. To view fabric choices for this fashion click on "Color Choices" above. Silver purse and belt findings are also available upon request.